How To Create a Resume For Free

Guide To Resume Writing

A Resumes a brief summary of your education and experience, which gives a prospective employer some idea of your background. It will not get you a job. It will only get you in the door of a company for a personal interview. The rest is up to you. Through an interview the employer will have a chance to evaluate your personality, appearance, and attitude. Make sure you have contacted the people you plan on giving as references.

A resume is geared toward the type of job you want. If you want a job as a Computer Programmer, your education and work experience in this field would be emphasized.

A resume should be, if at all possible, only one page long, and in no case longer than two pages. In keeping with the suggestions of resume experts, your resume will follow the format of the sample resume:

1. Objective
2. experience
4. military service
5. availability date
6. personal data
7. refernces

This format has been evaluated by several experts and they all agree the format is excellent.

Remember to filling in carefully and comletely the resume worksheet, you can be sure nothing of importance to you will be left off your resume. This will facilitate the typing of the resume and assure you of receiving it faster.

Instructions for the Resume Cover Letter

Each resume must be accompanied by a cover letter. In writing your cover letter, first of all address it to a specific individual when possible. Use simple, direct language and correct grammar. It should be personal and typed on standard sized white paper. Keep it short and do not cover the same ground as the resume. Your cover letter should follow the format of the sample letter. With local firms, take the initiative by suggesting that you telephone for an interview.

When offer is received, acknowledge receipt of offer. Express your appreciation for the offer and your pleasure at joining the company. Notify the company of the date you expect to make your decision.

When rejection is received, acknowledge receipt of letter. Thank the company for considering your application.

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