How Mystery Shopping Works

Mystery shopping is a valuable tool, which provides owners and operators of service business with a fair objective and unbiased view of their operations through the eyes of an educated consumer. Hundreds of companies and research firms are willing to pay you as a customer and secretly report back to the owner how the service was, or other details that are requested. Then you get paid for the assignment: Shop at Stores, Shop Online, Watch Movies, Eat At Restaurants, Visit Amusement Parks, Play Golf & Much More.

Get Paid To Shop

You will be reimbursed for actual expenses incurred while performing the shop. Also you will be paid a set fee for completing the shopping report. You must send a receipt in order to be fully reimbursed.

As a mystery shoppers you are treated like independent contractors and can make $10 to $40 per hour during assignments. You can decide on what assignments you want to take. Become a mystery shopper and get free meals, entertainment, products, and services. Most companies will send assignments right to your email inbox, just register with as many companies as you like and make unlimited income.

Your job as a mystery shopper or secret shopper will be to visit a specific operation as a regular customer and fully describe the events you witness. You will complete a customized report for each operation detailing the events, both positive and negative. You will also be informed or given a summary of the specific company's standard operating procedures, what the employees are supposed to be doing, so you will know what to look for. All reports must be clear, concise and honest. Your function is to provide accurate and factual information, using the guidelines provided by the company.

Mystery shopping Companies

The Companies (Hotels, Restaurants, Retail Outlets) use the detailed reports to make important management decisions based on the information provided. The reports are to be completed immediately following your visit to ensure that the information reported is accurate and complete. You may not fill out the forms while performing the shop. The staff is not supposed to know you are there. If they know or suspect that you are a mystery shopper, they will raise their level of service.

You can start earning money as a mystery shopper even if you live outside of the U.S. They work with people nationwide in the U.S., as well as in Canada, the UK, Australia, and western Europe.

For More Information:

There are many secret shopping companies out there that ask you to pay a one time small fee to become a shopper. Others are free to join. You must sign up with companies that pay you to shop.

To find companies that are currently hiring people to be mystery shoppers use a search engine like Google and Yahoo. Look for mystery shopping companies or secret shopper. Beware mystery shopper scams. Check other sources for tips on how to find free to join companies hiring mystery shoppers.

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