Christian Home-based Business Opportunity

Let me introduce the christian business Disciple's Cross™. This home-based business opportunity is a hand-made cross necklace, that is available in a multitude of colors, and it sells like crazy. By becoming a Disciple's Cross™ Producer, you could earn up to $500 or more each week when you follow simple instructions.

When you become a Certified Disciple's Cross™ Producer, you'll get a complete starter kit that contains everything you need to get started in this incredible opportunity. Disciple's Cross™ necklaces are easy to make.

Once you have learned the basic steps (thanks to the step-by-step training video), you will be able to create these precious crosses in about 5 minutes.

There is absolutely no selling required in this program. However, if you are ambitious enough to market your Disciple's Cross™ necklaces yourself, you can easily double, triple or even quadruple your profits! In fact, a majority of our Disciple's Cross™ producers are already doing this, right now.


Fundraisers - a great way to get exposure for your business
Craft Fairs and local festivals
Local School Clubs
Local Churches
Local Christian Bookstores
Various Shops and Boutiques

The Guaranteed Buy Back Program ensures that you never have to leave the comfort of your home to earn a healthy income. With Disciple's Cross™ you will never have to buy a minimum amount of supplies each month, or pay an ongoing fee to remain "active".

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