Make Money by Blogging

You can reach people using thousands of blogs!

Blogs are a new way to publish content and advertising to readers, instead of using email to inform their members of news or information. They are also used as diaries for personal thoughts, advertising, fan info, discussion, general news, etc. In the past year as people become familiar with the word "Blog", what they are used for, and several websites popped up offering to host a free blog for anyone who wants one. This caused an explosion of blogs.

Blogs have RSS feeds, or news feeds inserted into their webpages. Those RSS feeds have constantly changing news being shown in which this make the search engines visit those pages - frequently. Unlike free FFA pages, search engines do not discount or ignore links on blogs. It has real, constantly changing content, information, photo's, links and news. If you have a link along with a short ad on those pages, the search engine will pick up your site and also count your links as valid, and they are valid!

People do visit blogs to get the information they offer and can not ignore any advertising on it. Advertising is being offered right now by the companys who are the hosts of the free or paid blogs but this runs into thousands and thousands of dollars. You can hand post to every blog, but this would literally take forever as thousands of blogs exist now and more are created every second of the day.

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